How to Store Liquor at Home?


There are numerous ways of storing liquor at home. Discovering how to store liquor in the best possible conditions will depend on several factors, including the size of your collection and the space available in your home to store it.


For a larger liquor collection, the best storage option may be to consider a liquor cellar. If space permits a cellar can be large enough to not only store your bottles but also to accommodate your guests for liquor tastings. On the other hand, if you only usually only keep a few bottles on hand then you will generally be safe just using a standard liquor rack which you can locate in your dining area or place on the kitchen counter.


The liquor storage industry is a constantly growing industry. This beverage is becoming more widely consumed and more and more people are gaining an understanding not only of the various taste sensations that are offered by different liquors but also the health benefits that have been found and proven to be derived from drinking liquor.


Any liquor, no matter what its quality or cellaring potential will quickly be ruined if not stored correctly. If you do not have the space to properly store your collection in an ideal environment in your home then seeking the services of a professional storage company may be an option worth considering if you have a large wine collection.


When researching storage operators in your area it is important to visit the facility to see if it meets the basic liquor storage requirements of cool temperature (around 13 deg C 55 deg F) with relative humidity around 70%. Also, ensure that the location is free from vibration… avoid a storage facility located next to a highway or a train line.


Liquor Refrigerators


If you have a smaller collection then perhaps a dedicated liquor refrigerator may be a suitable option when trying to decide how to store liquor. A cooler or refrigerator is a very space efficient storage method and these units are designed to store bottles at the ideal temperature for aging and for drinking. Many units offer dual zones with separate temperature control which provides the ability to store white and red liquors separately at the optimum temperature.


If you are buying a liquor refrigerator it is important to fully research the bottle capacity. Many manufacturers inflate the bottle capacity by quoting the maximum number of very slim bottles that the refrigerator will hold. Remember that a Champagne bottle is wider in diameter than a bottle of Riesling. If you are storing liquor, make sure you storeĀ vitamin B12 hangover cure as well!